Medicine & oncology

We strive to provide the best preventative care and treatment for your animal companion always endeavouring to do what's best for each individual animal.  We use up to date diagnostic techniques, medicines and surgeries, in order to provide the correct treatment for many conditions that animals can suffer from.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Onlyvets can provide both everyday surgeries such as spaying and neutering, to more complex cases such as skin grafts, total ear canal ablations, tumour removal and treatment of traumatic wounds.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedics is fast becoming our specialist area.  We provide individual and dedicated care for our patients. Our focus is on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. Fore and hind limb surgeries are performed regularly as well as limb sparing and salvage procedures as part of our oncology care.

Radiographic imaging

Many patients that come to us will require diagnostic imaging procedures and we provide the very best equipment to enable swift, accurate and detailed imaging. This can vary from standard radiography to advanced diagnostic imaging using shared facilities that have state of the art CT or MRI Scanners

We operate an entirely digital imaging system at both our clinics for the rapid and effective diagnosis of patients. This high standard takes us closer to the resolution of most conditions and facilitates early diagnosis, minimising patient trauma and optimising recovery.


Both clinics are equipped with modern diagnostic laboratory equipment for running routine and more specialist blood analysis and microbiological examinations.

preventative medicine

At Onlyvets we believe that prevention is much better than treating disease. We offer the following services to keep your pets happy and healthy:

  • Dental care
  • Annual health screens
  • Vaccination
  • Parasite treatment; worms, ticks, fleas, sandflies
  • Puppy packages
  • Geriatric packages
  • Diet & nutrition advice
  • Weight clinic
  • Microchipping


Equine & large animal

Onlyvets is happy to provide clients with horses and other large animals with all the medical and preventative care they may require.  Stable and farm visits are by appointment only, except in emergencies.

Animal Behaviour

Does your dog, cat or horse have behavioural problems?  Confused about what to do?  Getting conflicting advice?  Come and talk to our animal behaviourist.  Whether the problem has just started or is long term, we can find the best solution for your companion. As an animal behaviourist, Teresa has expertise in (a) behaviour modification, the techniques that produce changes in behaviour, (b) the normal behaviour of the species being treated, so can recognise how and why your pet’s behaviour is abnormal, and (c) teaching and counselling people, so can effectively teach you how to understand and work with your pet.


Import & Export

With over ten years experience in sending pets all over the world our nurse Debbie can provide you with all the necessary information for importing or exporting your pet.  She can assist with obtaining pet passports, organising flights, import permits or any other requirements. She will also measure your pet in order to obtain the correct sized IATA approved travel box, that will meet all regulations and ensure your pet has a safe and secure journey.  A boarding service can be provided along with collection and delivery if needed.


Onlyvets provides a full grooming service for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes at very reasonable costs. All animals are groomed without sedation, with care and kindness.

dog boarding

We can offer boarding facilities with our qualified nurses who will care for your pets as if their own in safe, secure and comfortable environments.  Care is taken to ensure a home from home feel and dogs with special needs can be catered for. Boarding can be provided prior to export too.  Please ask for details regarding availability and prices.